Riyoo KIM Solo Exhibition "Symbolicus"

2018.04.13(Fri) - 04.28(Sat)

"KAIZUKA" - Installation

Opening Party : April 13(Fri) 17:00-
Closed on Sundays, Mondays, Public holidays

Gallery Art Composition is pleased to announce that we will start solo exhibition of Riyoo Kim "Symbolicus" on April 13.

He is influenced by science fiction, street culture, and animation, however, he has also received inspiration from
ancient ritual wares made during the Jomon era, a prehistoric time in Japan. He believes that creation is the process
of saving his soul. Since ancient times, awe and wonder in natural providence have continuously driven people to create things like prayers.
He thinks that this activity makes people forget about life's anxieties.
He was prized semi-grand prix on Modern Ceramic Art Exhibition in KOBE Biennale 2009. Since 2004 he has held many solo exhibitions
and has participated in group exhibitions. His artworks were exhibited at the Kansai Airport lounge as public art as well as at international art fairs,
including KIAF 2011 and 2016 in Korea, Art Stage Singapore in 2016, and Art Fair Tokyo in 2017.
In this exhibition, he will present an installation focusing on human thought, which named "Symbolicus".
Please see and feel his powerful installation at the gallery.

Riyoo Kim's Comment

For some time, while I was interested in the Jomon pottery, I am reading the research books etc, and now I feel the reason of human beings
as a human beings in symbolic motifs and figures used by Jomon people. And they are ubiquitous in ancient culture around the world.
What did our ancestors find out behind various figures, numbers and motifs?
Romanian religious scholar Mircea Eliade has created the word "homo-symbolicus", referring to such peculiar mind of human beings.
He says, "The symbol will light up some of the deepest aspects of existence that can not be caught by any other recognition method: images, symbols,
and symbolism are not adjective creatures of mind, It also responds to a certain function, and it fulfills a certain function, that is,
it exposes the most confidential form of existence. "
This exhibition is an experimental opportunity to pay attention to a more abstract part even in own activities.

Artist Profile:
Riyoo KIM