2021.7.9(Fri) - 8.6(Fri)

Waterfall Natural pigment on Japanese mulberry paper 333×33mm

Waterfall Natural pigment on Japanese mulberry paper 910×652mm

Falling Color Glass 304×225×72mm 2006

Gallery Art Composition proudly presents Hiroshi Senju's exhibition "HIROSHI SENJU EXHIBITION -NIHONGA & GLASS WORKS-" from July 9 (Fri.) to August 6 (Fri.). Last year, Hiroshi Senju completed the fusuma-e paintings of Kongobuji Temple in Koyasan. The monumental oblation is another milestone in his life as an artist, spanning over 40 years. In this exhibition, the latest artworks exhibited, "Waterfall", a motif featured in many of his artwork including the fusuma-e paintings in Koyasan, will be exhibited together with the "Falling Color", a series of Venetian glass crafted in Italy.

I finished creating the serene Byosho-ga (Japanese paper-wall painting) of Kongobuji Temple in Koyasan, said to be founded by Kukai. The oblation was completed in 2020. After that I wanted to use light colors for my waterfalls. This thought led me to this exhibit. In the past, I have painted works with the image of various colors cascading like a waterfall. However, this time I have decided to focus on the young leaves and sunlight of this world, by taking the perspective from the back of the waterfall. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the feeling of being trapped is spreading throughout the world. As seasons come and go, I wanted to convey that the world is unceasing, full of colors from the natural world. Looking back at when I was in Venice, the same can be said in glass series exhibit. These are works that I made at a studio in Venice under the guidance of Yasuhiko Tsuchida, a master of Venetian glass. At that time, I remember feeling how the world was full of colors in the glistening ambience of Venice. Now, when I look at monotone works, I realize that gray and black are also beautiful colors. I believe that the feeling of being trapped, like that of the Renaissance, gives rise to colorful works that try to break through it. I feel that my work this time will be something like that.
- Hiroshi Senju

The latest artworks on exhibition, "Waterfall", is a series of paintings with spectacular hues that evokes an atmosphere of serenity. The composition of the painting, gazing at the colorful world from behind the cascade, embodies the exceptional artist's constant fascination with nature. This will be exhibited together with a series of Venetian glass titled "Falling Color". The glassworks were crafted and presented in Murano (Italy) between 2006 and 2007. The glass's liquidlike properties with fluidity and transparency are uniquely expressed in the harmony of hues that gently overlap in the dense glass. The two series overflowing in invigorating color aim to evoke a feeling of refreshment, in hopes of relieving despondency in the midst of Coronavirus outbreak.