Haruka KANAMARU "ephemeral"

2015.11.13 (Fri) - 12.04(Fri)

Opening party (with the artist) November 12(Thu.) 5:00pm-

Now, following the Ph.D class of the prestigious Tokyo Uni--"Beauty".

Haruka Kanamaru has decided for this solo exhibition to play with the paradox in the property of glass, her material of predilection.
Glass is both fragile and resistant to time, balancing in between "Temporality and "Permanence".
These two concepts are fascinating humanity since its origin, because it is reaching our deepest fear to age, to end, to disappear and our greatest desire to remain the same.
Certainly,nothing is eternal,but the artist throgh the first sesres of works developed for GAC "Expend-Ephemeral" insists on the fact that rather than vanishing, things are expending.
Indeed, in this installation, a multitude of petals, symbol of energy, drove by "aqua"(the water as a source of diffusion) will spread, creating the new.
As such, in this series one can see a positive message to humanity:we don't vanish, each of us expend, leave something behind him/ herself, to the world.

The artist has also developed two other series of works.
The works under the series"porofile"playing with another original property of glass, will be changing there aspect from transparent to colorful following your position. The pieces under the series "The star of the mushroom ? cosmos ?", will them introduce mushrooms as celestial symbols, forming together a universe.
Both these series function as a statement, completing each other: there's into each things, everything. Even if you can't see it at first glance,in the smallest mushroom there's a universe of things to learn and discover. After more

Gallery Art Composition

In the everyday life, ephemeral Beauty get lost, out of our sight in the multitude.
On the other hand, the delicacy of glass that can be found in the shards carefully assembled, creates the "persistence of Beauty".
Under the theme of "ephemeral", the exhibition will gather in one space both "temporality" and "permanence".


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