Group Show "Monochrome"

2015.09.11(Fri) - 10.03(Fri)

Takeshi KAWANO

Takeshi KAWANO

Ayako KUNO




Opening party September 11(Fri.) 6:00-8:00pm

Gallery Art Composition is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition: "MONOCHROME". After "VIVID", a group show showcasing colorful works, "MONOCHROME" will be dedicated to the black and white pieces of Takeshi KAWANO, Ayako KUNO, Shikoh KURAMOCHI and Mitsuya WATANABE. The works that will be presented this time are not only elegant; they trouble, reveal and fascinate in two tones. They go deep in you to reach hidden emotions or unconscious thoughts.

Gallery Art Composition

Ayako KUNO
In the pieces of art of Ayako KUNO, there is silver, brass and bronze parts cast with lost wax. Their outline are taken from the artist main source of inspiration: urban chaotic spaces. From the artist point of view, the city's figure, changing from moment to moment, is fascinating. To symbolize the idea of a human organized chaos, KUNO is representing a cityscape from different angles in a same work, a "tour de force" as an homage to the city.

Especially for the show, Shikoh KURAMOCHI has produced new printed works through two different processes : digital print(Giclee Print) and etching. The etching allow him to experience the materiality of the medium. As for the digital prints, they are made to defy the stereotype in which the artist has to express his deepest feelings in his Art. Indeed, KURAMOCHI convey, through this particular series, not his emotions but his opinions about our society where "even feelings and souls are digitalized". The surrealistic aspect of his motifs interpreted in both techniques, brings the attention of the viewer to his particular point of view.

Mistuya WATANABE invites you in a world of signs written and drawn. Linked by the pencil they are both made of, these symbols of our world, whether they are words or motifs, form a common language over the paper.
Watanabe's black and white pieces are like a "rite of passage", a device revealing your presence in a labyrinth in which, like it is in the "Reality" for the artist, there's no objectiveness but only clustering signs.

INSTALLATION-Takeshi KAWANO "Cognition Troubles"
"My works focus on the evolution of the technology and its relation with the capacity of human beings. What does that mean "to be human being"? By reverse engineering, I'm considering through my works both the "Essence" and the "Possibility of evolution" of human beings, the relation in between this two sides of humanity, their differences and limits. For Monochrome show, over the theme of "Recognition", I will present works using the methods of "Visual Guidance", "Neural Net" and "Frame Rate". ″ Takeshi KAWANO It is a pleasure for Gallery Art Composition to introduce these young artists and we hope to receive you at the gallery at this particular occasion.

Artist HP:
Ayako KUNO