Arisa KUMAGAI "Leisure Class"

2015.06.26 (Fri.) - 07.18 (Sat.)

Opening party July 31 (Fri.) 6:00-8:00pm

The Art pieces of Kumagai are like a mystery to unveil.
For the first solo show of her young carrier, she has decided to present new works from the "Versace series" began in 2014.
This series,the most provocative of the artist, presents in an uncompromising close up a masculine figure, one of her family members.
He is wearing a shirt created by the Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace. The Caravaggio like interpretation of Versace's Baroque motif makes the composition inhabited by a shadow, emerging from the background and invading the garment.
It creates a deep, calm but yet disquieting atmosphere around the image of her relative.

Behind the title of the show "Leisure Class", there's the eponym theory of Thorstein Veblen published in 1899.
It is a critics of the consumption society which implies that the wealthy category of the population, does not consume for gaining utility but rather to show one's social status.
Arisa Kumagai gives her own interpretation of that theory through an homage to Versace that was at the top during the Bubble era, particularly in Osaka (the city of the artist) and got almost forgotten to better return recently, particularly in the world of the conspicuous consumption.
However, by picturing a member of her family, the artist emphasize as well the connection between her works and her personal background. A luxury shop selling Versace in the hot suburb of Nishiku Kujo, souvenirs of troubles within the family core, are here interpreted with elegance and decency.
The direct confrontation between the artist and her past and present brings Arisa KUMAGAI to a next level in her carrier. Gallery Art Composition is proud to take part on this artistic adventure.

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