Momoka SUGAHARA "Butterfly Effect"

2015.05.22 (Fri.) - 06.13 (Sat.)

Opening Party May 22 (Fri) 6:00-8:00pm

The title of this exhibition, is taken from an expression illustrating that a combination of apparently unrelated occurrences, no matter how insignificant they seem to be alone, can provoke deep changes.
For this exhibition, Butterfly Effect's theory expresses Sugahara's artistic concept and philosophy of Life while highlighting the original structure of her works composed of a myriad of motifs.
Indeed, functioning like fragments of memory, her works suggest that a random association of times and spaces might have inevitable relevance, and rise a question about necessity/contingency and reality/fantasy.
Momoka Sugahara, represents motifs taken from Nature like hydrangeas, ferns or pond or the everyday life like city landscapes or a new motifs, electric lines. The power of the Natural materials she uses, combined with the original composition of her works, allow any viewer, to (re)feel the fresh atmosphere of a misty morning by the salty sea, the beauty of a sunset around the corner of a silent street and simultaneously to get in mind a day of June when the rain enhance the smell of flowers.
Her pieces of Art are the symbol of Sugahara's philosophy.
She has learned to accept Time and the change of the season, as things passing away never remain the same.

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