Hiroshi SENJU "Retrospective"

2015.04.04 (Sat.) - 06.13 (Tue.)

Opening Party : April 4(Fri.) 6:00-7:00pm
Closed on Sundays, Public holiday

Hiroshi SENJU is one of the leading artists of today who keeps pursuing the possibility of Nihonga beyond borders and culture differences.
The spirit of Senju, whose works are exhibited in various parts of the world resonates stronger than ever with the direction of Gallery Art Composition, which is aspiring to deliver art across national borders.
As for the exhibition, there will be a selection of art works from his early years to present date.
Through the masterpieces from each time, you can trace the history of Hiroshi SENJU, the painter.
It is a little retrospective show of the artist on the eve of Venice Biennale 2015, where he exhibits his works as an invited artist.
How did an art student of Nihonga become the internationally recognized artist?
His footsteps are the leading marks for the young artists of next generation, and also the sign of his new creation beginning to sprout into the world.
Following this exhibition, the gallery will present the solo shows by Momoka SUGAHARA (in May), and Arisa KUMAGAI (in June).
These three Japanese painters time, life is different. Master, Pupil, Young Talent just discovered; Gallery Art Composition will introduce three visions of the world through the eyes of three artists from different generations this spring.

Gallery Art Composition

Artist Profile:
Hiroshi SENJU