Group Show "VIVID vol.2"

2018.07.13(Fri) - 07.28(Sat)

Group Show "VIVID vol.2"

2018.07.13(Fri) - 07.28(Sat)
Opening Party : 07.13(Fri) 5pm-

participating Artist:Yukako IZAWA | Yuri INAGAKI | Go OGAWA
           Naoko KAMIWAKIDA | Rentaro KAWAMOTO | Mikako SUEMUNE

Gallery Art Composition is pleased to announce that group exhibition "VIVID vol.2" will start from July 13(Fri).
Yuji Kanamaru who has create works that draws the sparkle of life which continue without interruption, and makes us feel the mystery of this world.
He interprets "Why do I create" as "why do I live", and he keep asking it to himself.In such circumstances, he gathered artists from various fields
in the same generations under a keyward "relationship", and he create C-DEPOT in 2002.
In this exhibition, with the theme of "VIVID", young artists from C-DEPOT who selected by Yuji Kanamaru, manipulate diverse colors with
various materials, creates a colorful space in our gallery and try to give viewers an opportunity of seeing again their own mind through the colors.