Kazuyuki TAKISHITA "Ukiyo-e Revolution"

2016.09.30(Fri) - 10.15(Sat)

Opening Party:9.30(Fri.) 18:00-

Gallery Art Composition is proud to announce "Ukiyo-e Revolution" the solo exhibition of Kazuyuki TAKISHITA.
"UKIYO-E STUDIO" was established with the aim of inheritance and outgoing of the woodcut print, which is traditional arts of Japan.
As the first step of the Ukiyo-e production of UKIYO-E STUDIO, we welcomed Kazuyuki TAKISHITA as a modern painter, there will be presented the 12 installment of ukiyo-e at Gallery Art Composition.
"Traditional to Modern" - We are looking forward to seeing you at the gallery, also you will see the modern ukiyo-e presented by Kazuyuki TAKISHITA as painter, a wood carver and a print maker.

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