He creatives the art works in the mountain of Otaki-machi, Chiba Prefecture.
He lives in rich and severe natural with several animals.
Without the Internet, there is fire wood only as a heat source, his expression become more deeply, get more his own color by being place himself in the environment like that.

The title of this solo exhibition "水豈不水山不山" from the passage of poetry of Yubai Sesson in Muromachi era.
"People with a blind eye to his own weakness, sorrow or woe are not disappear drawn by wealth or honor, and people call this human animateness. Compared to it, in the world of Chinese Classics, no matter what happens the landscape itself is thought as nothingness " - He, create his calligraphy "nothingness", thinks that this idea is also the origin of the tea.

1966  Born in Toride, Ibaraki
1993 Build a new kiln by his own in the mountain of Otaki-machi, Chiba Prefecture, start a creative activity