Mai MIYAKE "Kissako-Come Have Some tea"

Mai Miyake is an artist who questions the true nature of things and the universality of expression, by seamlessly connecting the past, present, and future, through the intricacy and depth of the traditional arts and crafts of Japan and with her own esprit.
She has been highly praised for her lithe works, which challenge the viewer's preconceptions and exercises the subconscious. Her unique yet somehow nostalgic and poetical works are timeless and contain symbols and stories that create a unique world that envelops the viewer with its multiple layers. Unrestrained by the straightjacket of genre, Mai fuses together antiques and craftwork with contemporary art, design, and cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence, from the perspective that they are all objects made by the hands of man and thus on the same plane. Her expression freely cuts across mediums, to overcome the cramped divisions of antique, craftwork, contemporary art and design, flawlessly moving between tradition and innovation with her humor and unique interpretation of the context of Japanese art. Art director of the window art works for the renewal opened SHISEIDO THE STORE
She studied at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (Paris, France) from 2008. Her 4th art book "Everybody's Girl is Nobody's Girl" has been published in 2017.

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